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100 Years Koh Lanta

In olden times The Island of Lanta was known as  “Pulau Satak”, a name of Malayan origin meaning Long Beach Island. The present name is most probably a corrupted form of the Javanese word "lantas", that means a fish grill, which is built of wood with a square grill on top where the fishes are set in a circle. This eventually gave the island the name “Koh Lantas”. In 1917, the name was changed to today’s “Koh Lanta” and the two main islands together with 51 smaller isles became a district of Krabi Province.


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Lanta Island, at that time had some importance, as trade ships between Kantang and Phuket passed the island regularly. But with the construction of road No 4 from Krabi southwards to Trang and Hatyai, transportation of goods changed to the road.

Resorts and bungalows opened up the island to tourists in the late Eighties. Resorts like Kaw Kwang, Lanta Villa, Lanta Sea House, Relax Bay Tropicana, Dream Team and Waterfall Bay Resort date back to this time.

Since 1996 the island is connected to the electric power supply of the mainland and can be reached by car ferry. The number of cars, that was around 15 pick-up trucks before the car ferries started their operation, increased rapidly through the easier access to the island.

Until 1998, the district office was located in Si Raya Village (Lanta Pier), but was then moved to a new building on Lanta Noi Island, opposite Saladan Village.

The main street from Saladan to Lanta Pier and Sang Ga-U village on the east coast was paved in late 1998. But other roads are still without surface.

In January 2001 the island received the first telephone lines from the mainland, the antenna for the mobile phones followed immediately. GSM phones are now working at most beaches along the west coast and in Si Raya on the east coast of Lanta.

Koh Lanta turns 100 

In December 2001, the district of Koh Lanta turned 100 years. This event  was celebrated with a street procession of decorated cars and trucks from Saladan Village to Si Raya, releasing of prawns into the Andaman Sea, and a sumptuous gala dinner attended by many high-ranking officials. There were fabulous performances on the stage and fireworks flood lighting the nights.

Many local customs were demonstrated, local activities like mat weaving were displayed and folk entertainments like shadow plays were performed. Sports and other competitions were held for several days. There was tremendous enthusiasm among the people and there was participation from the nearby provinces.


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